Egg Boiler

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Product Description

Egg Boiler
Craving for some hard boiled eggs in your paying guest accommodation? Designed to look like a chicken, this fancy egg cooker from Alex's lets you feast on boiled eggs with salt and pepper whenever you feel like.
Easy To Use:
With a compact design, this egg cooker is easy to use. All you have to do is plug it in, add some water, add some eggs and wait for your eggs to boil.
Capacity Of Seven Eggs:
You can cook a total of seven eggs together in this egg cooker, so making breakfast for your roomies and you is going to be fast and easy.
Stainless Steel Heating Plate:
Made of stainless steel, the heating plate of this egg cooker is highly durable and easy to maintain.
Integrated Food Grade Material:
Made of integrated food grade material, this egg cooker is safe to use.
Auto Power Off: With the auto power off feature, you can leave the egg cooker on and start getting ready for work without having to worry about the eggs cooking.