Beyond Forever


Brand : David Beckham


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Product Description

Refreshing likes a plunge in the crystal clear lake, the fragrance of Beyond Forever Deo Spray wafts through the breeze and takes over your senses drawing you towards him with its magnetic pull. The celebrated range of perfumes from David Beckham presents a luxury fragrance for the man who is distinctive in personality and dependable in crisis. The deodorant spray takes you through a deluge of emotions so delicate yet so powerful with its light, smooth aroma. Bask in the admiration and the envy that comes your way as you walk into the lounge; be comfortable in your own skin with David Beckham Beyond Forever Deo Spray.
Specifications of David Beckham Beyond Forever Deo Spray
Ideal for: Men
Fragrance Segment: Luxury
Fragrance Classification: Deodorant Spray
Quantity: 150 ml